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SS3 Fashion Show

"When Scott Meets Scott" is an August/Winter runway show put together by the mind of the SSTEW3 (SS3) brand's Creative Director, Leonard Stewart Jr. The show will feature his Neiman Marcus featured signature designs that revolve around sustainability. SSTEW3 primarily recycles denim to create new jeans and outerwear to combat fashion's pollution impact on Earth and preserve a better tomorrow. Outside of denim, SS3 breaks down refurbished second-hand garments into their original fabric form to craft new products. SSTEW3 creates high-end streetwear garments for the "street chic" consumer and is said to be "what the kids (consumers) are missing." When you want to stand out in a room full of people rocking the same trend, SSTEW3 is what you should think of.

The concept of "When Scott Meets Scott" speaks to Mr. Stewart's influences when he designs. Combining "outerworldy" sounds from Travis Scott (musician) with paying homage to eye-catching flamboyant designs like his favorite designer Jeremy Scott, you get his own sense of fashion and style which Mr. Stewart creates under "SSTEW3."