historic garment district



Saint Louis Fashion Fund has a bold vision to create a hub for fashion and design entrepreneurs on Washington Avenue in the heart of the once-vibrant garment district. 

St. Louis has a rich history in the fashion industry. From the late 19th century until the end of WWII, the city was second only to New York in terms of garment manufacturing.

Dubbed “Shoe Street, USA,” Washington Avenue once claimed more shoe manufacturers than any other street in the world. In the mid-1950s, the number of clothing manufacturers in St. Louis tripled, thanks in large part to the junior dress category, which got its start on Washington Avenue.

Known today for artist lofts and nightlife, Washington Avenue is lined with galleries, restaurants, and bars. 



Design Ecosystem

The Incubator will spur a movement to attract a design-based business community to match the technology community clustered around the T-Rex building.

Creating a vibrant fashion corridor in what was once a thriving garment district.