American Made Companies Gaining Ground in Cities Big and Small

WWD included the Saint Louis Fashion Incubator in their article
discussing apparel manufacturers and fashion start-ups that are opting for secondary
cities to make their way.

An excerpt from the article: 


Nearly 18 months after exiting the NYCEDC to run the St. Louis Fashion Fund, Eric Johnson will soon launch Creative Process, bimonthly fashion meet-ups that will include other creative industries such as food. “There are a whole host of other similar programs or events that we are looking to to be the rising tide for fashion in St. Louis,” he said, emphasizing how social media and other digital tools have freed up designers to be based wherever they choose.

There are plans to further ties with other cities, as well as the National Fashion Alliance. “As we progress with the development of this ecosystem, we want to be comparing notes and working with folks from Chicago, Nashville or any of these cities where we have been or have had relationships with. Quite frankly, that would extend to New York.” Johnson said. “The industry is facing incredible challenges. You have emerging talent that is looking for other ways to bring their visions to life and building businesses…it will take time but we’re looking to build something really special here.

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