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For decades, and especially in recent years, St. Louis has struggled with its image as a slow-growth community beset with deep-rooted problems.  Crime, racial tensions, the loss of corporate headquarters – for many, these kinds of issues have come to define the region. 

But that view is far too narrow.  It leaves out a huge part of the story.  The St. Louis area is in transition.  And a great deal of what is happening is positive -- shockingly positive.

The industries of the future are starting up and taking root in our community.  First it was the biosciences, jump-started by the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center.  Now it’s the IT sector, which has become so fertile that the Washington Monthly recently called St. Louis an “entrepreneurial boomtown.” 

The Evidence is all around us...


The fashion industry was an exciting part of our past. With your help, it can be an exciting part of our future, too.

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